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PhotoFoolery Gallery - Altered Reality

These images have been digitally altered using Adobe® Photoshop®. Click on any image for a larger view (will open in new window).

Digitally altered images © 1989-2007 by Kathy Doerr, all rights reserved. The Altered Reality Photo Gallery images are provided for on-screen viewing only. Unauthorized copying or use of any of these images without written permission is an infringement of copyright and strictly prohibited. For permission to use an image, please contact me.

Bill Clinton as ballerina
Clinton & Ballerina Original Images
As President, Bill Clinton was adept at dancing around his many legal problems...
Above are the original images
(from Art Explosion 600,000)
Guitar Man on Flower
Sadie's Jurassic Park Audition
Nature Lover
My dog Sadie at her Jurassic Park audition.
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