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Photoshop Tutorial Sites

For tutorials listed by categories (i.e., Red Eye, Pencil Sketch, etc.), see the Tutorials - Specific Page.

Adobe - Adobe's library of tutorials, projects, and articles. Photoshop CC tutorials from novice to expert.

CBT Cafe Computer-Based Training - Photoshop tutorial categories include New Tutorials, Automation, Basics, Brushes/Shapes, Buttons/Web, Special Effects, Textures/Patterns.

GrafX-Design - Free tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel DRAW!, Paint Shop Pro, and more.

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials - An assortment of older tutorials under the categories of Shapes, Pen Tools, Brushes, Lettering & Text Effects, Textures & Special Effects, Photo Fixing & Restoring, Photo Art, and more.

John Woods' Photoshop Tutorials - Tutorials in PDF format by John Woods, a Photoshop 7.0 Adobe Certified Expert. Photoshop CS tutorials include Quick Fire Background, Rusty Background, Quick Parchment. Photoshop 7.0 tutorials include A Quick Vignette, Backlit Text, Glamour Portrait, Glass Sphere, Glass Text Effect, Gold Bevel Text, Metal Mesh, Mirrored Image Ball, Neon Text, Neon Glow, Patch Tool, Starburst Text, Steel Text Effect. There are also tutorials for Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0.

Layers Magazine Tutorials - Lots of free Photoshop tutorials including Sculpting the Face by Dodging and Burning, Gritty Texture Effect, Changing Lip Shade, Using the Photoshop Shake Reduction Filter, Advanced Logo Technique, Selections: Editing Just Part of Your Image, Hiding Hair Roots, How to Get the "Instant Black Background," When Your Subject Is in the Shadows, Chalkboard Effect, Fixing Group Shots the Easy Way, Swapping Out for a Better Sky, Fixing Gaps in Hair, Four Tips on Removing and Avoiding Eyeglass Glare, Editing JPEGS and TIFFs, Creating Holiday Wreaths, Using Channels to Make Better Selections, Controlling Depth of Field with Tonal Maps, Designing a Metallic Background, Designing Rusted Text, Photoshop CS6 Patch Tool, Fake a Photo Matte, Drawing with the Smudge Tool, Antique Photo Effect, Creating a Realistic Balloon, Blending Photos, Clipping Groups, Rain Drop Design, Advanced Layer Blending, Design a Price Tag, Screened Photo Effect, Textured Text Effects, TV Scanline Effect, Wrap Text Around Objects, Manipulating Type with Paths, Removing Elements from a Photo, Masking Liquids, Subtle Watermarking, and much, much more.

Pegaweb Web Design and Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop tutorials that shows you how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a layout for your website.

Planet Photoshop - An extensive collection of tutorials. Just a few are Easy Slim Text Effect, Quick Bloody Text Effect, Crystal Text Effect, Creating Painterly Light with Blend Modes, Fancy Gold Text Effects, Transforming and Overcast Day to a Snowy Day, Shiny Lines Text Effect, Boosting Specific Colors, Creating a Composite, Geometric Effects, Quickly Trim Eyebrows in Photoshop, Removing Eye Veins, Creating a Dreamy Focus Effect, Using the Path Blur, Scorched Neon Effect, Creating Reflections, Creating Dramatic Mood Lighting, Glossy Text Effect, Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch in Photoshop CC, Create a Double Exposure Effect, Using Path Blur to Create a Sense of Motion, Grungy Marble Text Effect, Making Realistic Rain, Cracking and Peeling Face Effect, Elegant Glossy Text Effect, Dramatic Light Beam from Scratch, Impressionistic Multiple Exposure Effect, Web Button Text Effect, Compositing Unruly Hair, Using Channels to Make Better Selections, Digital Tattoos, Decorated Wood Text Effects, Adding Hair Highlights, Receding Type Effect, Getting Creative with Custom Shapes, Creating Holiday Wreaths, Dynamic Frames, Long Exposure Slap Zoom Effect, Vintage Metal Text Effect, Whiten Teeth and Eyes, Blurred Backgrounds, Hollywood Smoke Effects, Adding a Color Tint, Dark Edge Vignette, Partial Color Effect, Creating Stunning Black and Whites, Light Burst Effects, Flare Effects, 3D Christmas Ornaments, Real Steel Text Effect, Text Clipping and Masking, Dramatic Broken Glass, Wood Frame Effect, Abstract Backgrounds, Creating Depth of Field, and a whole lot more. - Photo Tutorials, Special Effects, Photoshop Basics, Lightroom, Drone Photography, Text Effects, Misc. Step-by-step and/or video tutorials. Some tutorials include Sky Replacement and Adding Clouds, How to Use Path Blur to Add Motion, Two-Face Optial Illusion Effect, How to Create Bokeh Background Blur, How to Convert a Photo to a Comic Book or Cartoon, Face Aware Liquify, How to Cut Out Hair, How to Change the Color of Eyes, How to Make a Silky Type Effect with Metal Edges, Faking Motion in a Photograph, How to Use Layer Masks, How to Make Water Reflections with Realistic Ripples, Turn a Photo into a Pencil Sketch, How to Place Text Behind an Object, Create Realistic Lightning, and much, much more.

The Photoshop Roadmap - A collection of tutorials from various authors. 21 Tips for Taking Incredible Cat Photos, How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop, How to Color Tone Your Images Using Gradient Maps, Film Noir Photo Effect, How to Change Eye Color, Photohop Cartoon Character, How to Colorize an Old Black & White Photo, How to Cut Anything Out in Photoshop, Create Retro Color Light Streaks, How to Place an Image in Text, How to Create Snow, Create a Christmas Greeting Card with Snowflakes and Colorful Ornaments, How to Create a Vintage Christmas Card, Several Christmas-Related Tutorials, Create a 3D Pop-Out Photo Effect, Transform Photos into Jigsaw Puzzles, How to Retouch a Dog Portrait, Quick Mask Mode, Selective Sharpening, and many more.

Photoshop Tutorials by Russell Brown - Includes Puppet Warp Tool basics in Photoshop CS5, Masking Basics in Photoshop CS5, Content Aware Fill Part 1, Content Aware Fill Part 2, 3D Astral Projection, A Bad Hair Day, Now You See It Now You Don't (Masking Magic in Photoshop CS4), Blending Images Together in Photoshop CS4.

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