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Workshops / Photo Tours

Andy Long's First Light Photo Tours - Workshop tours to some of the best photo locations in the country as well as a fine art photo gallery.

Art Wolfe - Workshops, expeditions, safaris.

Aspen Photo Workshops - Offers exciting adventures and workshops led by top photographers within the field. Includes Digital Landscapes workshop, Photo Adventures, Stock Photography Program, and Commercial Photography workshops.

Campbell Photographic Arts Workshops - Digital photography workshops and guided photo tours.

Frans Lanting - Workshops and events.

James Shadle / Blake Shadle Wild Florida Photography Tours - Current tour schedule.

John Shaw - Hailed by American Photographer as "one of the best nature photographers around."

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, World Photographic Tours - Offers trips designed exclusively for nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts.

Moose Peterson Wildlife Photography - Workshops and classes.

Mountain Light Photography - Although Galen Rowell and Barbara Cushman Rowell were tragically killed in an August 2002 plane crash, workshops have resumed with guest instructors, such as Frans Lanting.

National Geographic Expeditions - Photography workshops, family expeditions, and trips.

Outdoor Photo Workshops - Offers outdoor adventure and nature photography workshops, helping you improve your photography and make great images in a fun and relaxed setting. Instructors are Jason Hahn and Les Voorhis.

Palm Beach Photographic Centre - Learn from the pros! Digital photography in a city near you.

Tom Ulrich Workshops - Renowned wildlife photographer and book author.

Weehauken Creative Arts Photography - Upcoming photography events.



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